The EdTech Design Process From Idea to Implementation – Wrap Up

O. Henry once penned Austin, TX into one of his works as “the City of the Violet Crown,” describing the inherent beauty and richness of that fair outpost. Indeed, Austin truly is a city with great richness and beauty, and in this resident’s own experience, definitely fits the bill as […]

June Meetup Wrap-up

If you’re like me, then there are few things that excite you more than a fireworks display, Old Glory waving in the breeze and an ice cold beer.  What does any of that have to do with EdTech Austin and our monthly meetup?  Nothing, really.  I was just describing what […]

May EdTech Austin Meetup Wrap-up

  It’s been a fantastic May on the edtech scene here in Austin, and June is already shaping up to be just as exciting.  Our May meetup focused on Design Thinking, and Stephanie Cerda and Cynthia Ruiz took us to school to discuss the principles of Design Thinking, modeling it for […]

April Meetup Wrap up!

What a great night Wednesday evening turned out to be, despite the fact that we ran out of chairs!  Sorry to those of you who had to stand at the back, but thanks for sticking it out! It’s so refreshing to see so many Austin edtech folks join us to […]

So much time, so little to discuss

Scratch that, reverse it.  The first part of 2014 has been exciting for the members of the EdTech Austin team and has involved purchasing houses, moving, taking on new roles in new organizations, conferences, more conferences and lots of other fun stuff!   We’ve been remiss in updating the blog […]