The EdTech Action Incubator


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EdTech Action

In partnership with Capital Factory, EdTech Action is the best way to for startups to get funded, get customers, and create meaningful solutions to the biggest challenges in education.  Our Austin-based program is currently accepting applications for our launch class.  Sign up below for more information.

Why EdTech Action?

EdTech Action at Capital Factory is at the center of edtech development, connecting all aspects necessary to create really great edtech tools.  Most of all, we help startups create the best products for schools by connecting the pieces of the edtech universe all in one place.

What we offer:

We know that developing great edtech companies is no easy feat.  We’re committed to providing an ongoing curriculum to our startups that will help in navigating the tumultuous waters of the education procurement cycle.  In addition to the awesome services that the Capital Factory provides each startup, Edtech Action provides:

  • A pipeline to real customers.  We’ve partnered with educators through our regional and national network who are committed to bringing the best tools to market.  We’re committed to bringing our members solid and fluid access to an ever-expanding customer base.
  • Demo days for education that include education institution stakeholders and investors — a way for members to pitch to customers and investors, we’ll provide an ongoing events calendar to promote and distinguish our members.
  • A ground-up pipeline from educators to edtech companies.  A reverse feedback channel that goes from the actual practice of educators and solutions in the classroom, upstream to the developers.
  • Network of practicing educational decision-makers to define the problems they want solved and matching them with members working on those solutions to provide an engaged and ready-to-purchase customer base.

How we help build great edtech companies:

We help build great edtech companies by providing a steady launch runway for startups through our partnerships and strategic alliances.  We accomplish this through:

  • Local advisors who will provide technical, financial and legal services to our members.
  • Vetted investors who will mentor and provide funding sources within the community and through national foundations.
  • Mature companies who seek to invest in promising entrepreneurs and startups.
  • Identifying markets for our members’ products and services.  We’ll match the right products to those who need them.
  • Identifying and writing grants.  We’re experts in identifying and executing grant opportunities leveraging state and federal dollars.  Our members will be able to take advantage of funding sources to launch or implement their products.
  • Sales force support.  We’ll support existing sales teams, or help build a sales force team. EdTech Action will not only help lead our members to customers, but we’ll also support sales teams in implementing action plans in navigating statewide and federal grants in order to execute school and district contracts.

Join Us Today:

While we’ll be taking rolling applications to join our program, we’re looking for the top 5 startups in Austin and beyond to join our launch class.  In addition to the many other perks of joining the Capital Factory’s network of investors, business mentors and centrally located office, EdTech Action will provide education-specific mentoring, business development strategies, IP patenting services, subsidized desk space and membership fees, and most importantly, strategic workshops and educational opportunities throughout the edtech product development cycle.