June Meetup Wrap-up

This wrap up post took me far too long to write. Sorry!

If you’re like me, then there are few things that excite you more than a fireworks display, Old Glory waving in the breeze and an ice cold beer.  What does any of that have to do with EdTech Austin and our monthly meetup?  Nothing, really.  I was just describing what last week was like for me.  Though, at least we had one of those things at our June Meetup (ice cold beer, of course)!

Anyway, John Baldo from Startup (Weekend) Education took charge of the EdTech Austin meetup group like John Brooks’ header vs. Ghana.  We’ll get ’em next year, as my mom stated after the US lost to Belgium (I know, I know…)

It was a fantastic night and there was a great crowd on hand.  Seriously, look — here’s a photo of John talking about the Business Model Canvas for education:

John Baldo, Startup Education


John walked participants through a simulation of the Business Model Canvas, using higher education institutions as examples.  After mapping the traditional business model, participants were asked to “innovate and adjust” to find solutions that would make universities more innovative and adaptive to the needs of the consumers.  Here are some photos of our meetup members in action:

_MG_3221 _MG_3216 _MG_3214 _MG_3213 _MG_3206 _MG_3290 _MG_3284 _MG_3282 _MG_3272 _MG_3270 _MG_3254 _MG_3237

Some of the suggestions for innovation were really cool.  For instance, more than a few teams suggested that universities might innovate by not charging tuition (it might sound crazy, but consider that online unversities, MOOCs and the like were pure fantasy a little over a decade ago).  These kinds of “crazy” ideas are what make innovation in education possible.  Thanks to everyone for participating;  we hoped you enjoyed the workshop!

Following the workshop, we were very fortunate to hear from Ben Ponder, who discussed some of the challenges in creating a sustainable education venture.  Audience members discussed the merits of the “freemium” model in education, and even considered the role that advertisements will play in future iterations of classroom content and curriculum.

We look forward to holding more bootcamp/workshop style events through EdTech Austin and hope you’ll join us next time if you weren’t able to make it in June.  And if you weren’t able to make it in June, we hope you’ll join us in July for our next event…

Our next event is Startup Weekend Education – Austin!  We hope you will join us for that on July 25th, and if you register as an educator, we’ll give you 25% off your admission if you use the promo code: “ATXEDUCATOR”.  Click below to check  it out:

Use the promo code "ATXEDUCATOR" to receive 25% off!

Teachers, use the promo code “ATXEDUCATOR” to receive 25% off registration!

We’ve got some fantastic mentors and judges, and it’s sure to be an awesome event!  Drop me a line if you have any questions.

Last, but certainly not least, if you or someone you know is interested in joining us at the Capital Factory for EdTech Austin’s own incubator, check it out here and drop us a line (your contact info) and we’ll be in touch shortly!

That’s all I’ve got for you, folks.  Enjoy your summer — it’s flying by!


Sean Duffy